Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogger on the G1

I found a quick and dirty way to post to my Blogger account using my T-Mobile G1 phone. I wasn't able to get the default Android browser to post to my blog well, the formatting for my phone didn't show the site well and I still haven't found a Blogger app in the Android Market. I remembered that Google Gears was a part of the default browser while checking out Wordpress as a possible alternative (Wordpress has a Google Gears plug-in). I ran a search for Blogger Gears and found an example site that Google wrote when they first released Gears that works for posting to Blogger a lot better than using the direct site, except photo uploads don't seem to be supported. Here is how to get it working:

1. Make sure that you have Google Gears enabled in the default browser. To do this, launch the default browser, click menu, choose More on the right, then scroll down to Settings. then scroll all the way down to the bottom and make sure that Enable Gears has a green check next to it. I might also be a good idea to have an active Blogger account, if your Blogger account is linked to the same Gmail account as your G1, you should be fine.
2. Go to this site, or it might be easier to search for blog.gears on your phone and then click on the result with the title of blog.gears.
3. When the site loads, Gears will pop up and tell you that the website wants to store information on your computer, click I trust this site and then click Allow.
4. Then click on the login button in the upper right hand corner of the site, it will take you to a Google Accounts Access Request page, scroll down to the bottom and click Grant Access.
5. If you don't automatically get logged into your Blogger account, click the Login button in the upper right hand corner of the page.
6. If you have multiple Blogs ties to your main Blogger account, you can choose one of them from a drop down box in the upper right-hand corner.
7. Next click Show All Posts to show all of your recent Blogger posts, with the ability to edit them with tags! The Create New Post button is self explanatory.

There are a few caveats: I don't see a way to upload photos and all formatting must be done by actually adding in the HTML code. Also, there is no spell checking or different fonts. This way seems like it may be good for on the go drafts at best, or editing existing posts on the go.

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